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Low Carb Cruise 2015

How am I supposed to summarize a wonderfully magical week full of meeting amazing people, seeing paradise islands and learning superinteresting new information? Perhaps just like that? This years Low Carb Cruise in the Caribbean at the end of May was a complete success. We were about 200 participants, with a wonderful mix of backgrounds […]

Travel Checklist for Diabetes

Maybe you’re planning a trip soon and would love a travel checklist for diabetes? (I made you a travel checklist for diabetes below, make sure to check it out!) What is necessary to bring along on a long trip with diabetes? Sometimes I feel like diabetes just has it’s own luggage to bring along, physically […]

Travelling with Diabetes

Travelling with diabetes requires quite some extra effort. And planning. And “in case of” and “in case shit happens” preparation. Especially if you’re planning to travel far, across the oceans and time zones. Travelling with diabetes isn’t impossible by any means. I’d say it’s actually the opposite. You just have to know and prepare properly […]

Too Much Fat?

Is there such a thing as eating too much fat? It’s been widely proven by now that eating fat isn’t bad for you. But just how much fat is too much fat? And especially on a low(er) carbohydrate eating plan? Let’s go back a couple of steps first… When you eat something, your body starts […]

The Low Blood Sugar Make up

Diabetes gets in the way of life sometimes. And the other way around, too. But that’s the topic of another story. Being such a big part of our lives, it would be weird if it didn’t mix in and mash up your plans sometimes. Sometimes we’re talking about interrupted sleep, another time it’s an unplanned […]

Diabetes Expert

Diabetes Expert – that’s a bold statement! Being an expert, you have to be perfect, don’t you? You need to be able to juggle anything that is thrown at you, know every single little detail about your topic and preferably have 67 Masters, PhD’s and other qualifications to be one. Right?! I used to think […]

HbA1c, just a number?

Do you ever find yourself paying a little too much attention to a specific number? Your weight? Your distance covered? Milestones reached? Friends on Facebook? Or, perhaps, your HbA1c, the “lighthouse” of how you’re doing as a diabetic? It’s easy to put a lot of weight on a number (pun intended!), because it’s something measurable, […]

Diabetes Sweet Spot

When you start on a new journey, you ideally want to know what the eff you’ve gotten yourself into. Not least when it’s about your health, well-being and future life. I get that. I totally do. And I’ve got something really special up my sleeve for you today! This is one of my biggest secrets […]

Weight Loss – 5 Tips

Sure, food is a big part of losing weight. But it’s not the only part. This is such an important realization to make, if nothing else to stop yourself from buying into the next fad diet with some super formula that will make you loose weight faster than lightning. That’s nothing more than excellent PR […]