The Three Pillars of Diabetes Control

Type 1 Thursday - 3 Pillars of Diabetes Control

To control diabetes goes far beyond HbA1c’s. and looking beyond an A1C value is crucial!

The magical equation is: 👉🏼CONTROL = HbA1c + Time In Range + Standard Deviation 👈🏼

It really does matter HOW you achieve your A1C.

In this week’s #type1thursday, I talk all about the three pillars of diabetes control, what they are, what to look out for and how to refocus your efforts (if needed!).

Remember this video is not meant to discourage anyone or make you or anyone else feel guilty. It’s to highlight the flaws of information that we are given. Also, hopefully, it can act as a bit of motivation to take the best care of ourselves as we can!

The Three Pillars of Diabetes Control – Hanna Boëthius – Type 1 Thursday

Diabetes Control

HbA1c is currently the “gold standard” used to assess diabetes therapy and it reflects average blood glucose levels over a 8 – 12 week period. In turn, it can help to see the long-term risk of complications from high blood sugar. The test is a direct result of how well diabetes is managed. Sure, there are limitations, fluctuations are not shown, like having lots of lows or spiking high, but overall care is clearly visible.

Time in Range, in a single number, shows a lot about how blood glucose levels might vary throughout a day or over time. Time-in-range can also be understood as “hours per day” spent in-range. For example, 50% time-in-your-range means 12 hours per day spent in-range. This is easiest shown with a CGM, although it can be calculated manually, as well.

Standard Deviation measures the fluctuation of blood sugars. The smaller the value, the healthier it is. If SD is high, it’s not great for health, and you probably know it as roller coaster blood sugars. Whereas with a low SD, your blood sugar isn’t changing much throughout the day, which feels better!

Remember, the magical equation for better diabetes control is: 👉🏼CONTROL = HbA1c + Time In Range + Standard Deviation 👈🏼

Do you know your Standard Deviation, right now? If you feel comfortable with it, please let me know in the comments and let’s discuss your way to better control there (if needed!)


The only purpose of this video and website is to educate and to inform. It is no substitute for professional care by a doctor or other qualified medical professional. This video and website is provided on the understanding that it does not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. Instead, we encourage you to discuss your options with a health care provider who specializes in treating Type 1 Diabetes.

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