What is a “perfect” diabetic, anyway?

You feel insecure about sharing your results with your care team, because they’re not “perfect”.

And you can’t figure out why your blood sugar is doing the can-can when you least expect it.

Wait, what’s going on?!

Imagine the feeling of waking up happy in the morning, knowing you can kick today’s (and diabetes’) butt too. Imagine no longer being ashamed of what crappy card life might have dealt you.

It’s time to get a better grip on things and start managing your life like the boss you are.

I can help you with all of this. And much more.

I’m Hanna Boëthius, and I love helping people with diabetes to be healthier and be more confident with figuring out a few, simple lifestyle changes.

Being a certified nutrition coach, as well as having lived with Diabetes Type 1 for over 30 years has left me with many tricks up my sleeve to find solutions quickly and turn them into lasting results. (As well as 30 years of experience – who can claim that at the age of, ehm, 25?!)

My goal is to help you find ways to feel confident with diabetes.

Focusing on things your care team won’t even think of, you can have the power to know what’s going on, not feel alone and be motivated in taking care of yourself. And, most importantly, be a healthier you.

6 facts you probably didn’t know about me:

  • I’m a prime mix of Swedish and Finnish, living in Switzerland.
  • I absolutely love traveling!
  • I also have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • I’ve lived in 5 countries. So far.
  • I’m definitely gluten & casein sensitive. Ugh, wheat and cows milk…
  • Actually, I’m not the best cook in our household; that would be my husband.

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