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Diabetes & Discrimination?

I’m sure you (too) have a story about discrimination against you because you had diabetes? On today’s #type1thursday, I want to hear your stories! What brought this on was a very unfortunate ad by the police in Hamburg, Germany, where they appealed to people to call the police of they saw someone injecting themselves. With […]

The Three Pillars of Diabetes Control

To control diabetes goes far beyond HbA1c’s. and looking beyond an A1C value is crucial! The magical equation is: 👉🏼CONTROL = HbA1c + Time In Range + Standard Deviation 👈🏼 It really does matter HOW you achieve your A1C. In this week’s #type1thursday, I talk all about the three pillars of diabetes control, what they […]

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Live Q&A with Hanna

You have been asking me to do a Live Q&A on my Instagram Stories! And now I made it a reality. Find out my answers to your questions on this weeks #type1thursday ! I’ll happily answer most and any questions about diabetes, lock down, blood sugars, tools, tips & tricks, me – anything you want […]

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Self Love in Difficult Times

…and no, this is not Gabriel Garcia Marquez latest novel! 😝 I’m happy this topic was requested, because frankly I needed a reminder of it myself – bubble baths and face masks simply aren’t cutting it as sufficient self love anymore. Nor is making healthy food, moving my body and daily meditation and yoga (although […]