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What Strange Things Impact Your Blood Sugar?

What are the STRANGE things that make your blood sugar go either up or down, high or low? 🤔 In this week’s Type 1 Thursday 💙 we discuss our personal experiences, based on Adam Brown’s graphic “42 Factors that Affect Blood Glucose”🩸 While some of these factors may be strange ones to impact blood sugars, […]


Recent Insulin Pricing Changes

What are your thoughts on the recent insulin pricing changes in the USA? Let’s discuss and see what else needs to be done to safeguard the new insulin pricing. BUT – this is not about me sharing my opinion on this (that’s just effing ridiculous because I have no clue!) I want to hear from […]

#ATTD2023 – Berlin, Germany

Advanced Treatments and Technologies for Diabetes (ATTD) is one of the world’s biggest diabetes conferences. It takes place yearly in a European city, and ATTD2023 this year it was held in Berlin, Germany (where I used to live, so I was very happy to go back!). In short, it is a fantastic roller coaster circus […]

My EASD2020 Summary

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be able participate in EASD2020, through a scholarship from #dedocvoices The point of dedoc and dedocvoices is to give patients the chance to hear the new information and science from the source, as well as ask questions, under the motto of “Nothing about us, without us”, and I […]

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Brittle Diabetes?

Have you ever heard of brittle diabetes? What is it? What are the signs? How can you get out iof it? Although the term “brittle diabetes” is wildly discussed and can come across as very negative and blaming, it’s a concept many people with diabetes (unfortunately) are familiar with. Perhaps you’ve been labeled “brittle” in […]

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My Pump Break 2020

Have you ever taken a pump break? I recently had a six week break from my insulin pump, and I’m not going to lie, going back to MDI (multiple daily injections) wasn’t as easy as I thought! In this episode of #type1thursday, I share my reasons why, pros and cons of MDI, getting back in […]

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Tuna Meatzza

I’m making one of my favorite low carb pizzas – tuna meatzza 🍕 (yes, that means the base is made out of canned tuna!) Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 😋 It’s full of delicious protein, fat and some carbs. And – it’s delicious. It’s also the first time I ever cook in front […]


Digital Patient Engagement?

I was interviewed by Novo Nordisk regarding how I see the future of patient engagement, as part of their DEEP network. Check out my views in this short video. What are your views on digital patient engagement – friend or foe? 🤔 (This is a sponsored activity by Novo Nordisk. Views are my own)

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Pinch me…! I’ve been nominated for not one, but THREE #WEGOHealthAwards!🎉 : “Best Kept Secret”, “Patient Leader Hero” and “Best In Show: Instagram” 💖 Aaaand, endorsements are now open for the 9th annual WEGO Health Awards! I’d be over the moon if you would want to endorse me for either (or both!) of these awards. You […]


Diabetes & Discrimination?

I’m sure you (too) have a story about discrimination against you because you had diabetes? On today’s #type1thursday, I want to hear your stories! What brought this on was a very unfortunate ad by the police in Hamburg, Germany, where they appealed to people to call the police of they saw someone injecting themselves. With […]