As I have mentioned before, I’m not particularly fond of the term “diet”. This article from sciencedaily gives us the top 4 reasons why weight isn’t lost on a diet.


Naturally there are more reasons as to why, as long as someone is on a “diet”, they do not lose much weight in the end. The main reason is that a “diet” is usually seen as a short, quick-fix solution to a problem that has been growing in size for a longer period of time. The equation just doesn’t add up!

It’s Your Life

Last, but definitely not least, on this inner peace Monday is a very important message…

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For a few minutes of peace and calm, please visit and enjoy a little rest in your busy day! You know you are worth it!

I hope you also know that a unwound mind can reach miles and miles beyond anything a stressed one can. This is particularly true for reaching your goals. And please think of that next time you are trying to solve something in a hurry!

Please check out Helen at Health Ambition post about relaxing, full of fantastic tips!

Deepak Chopra on Meditation

Today, on a gloomy Monday, I have decided to dedicate my posts to the topic of inner peace and perhaps a few tips on how to get there.

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