3 Sunny Summer Health Tips

Some of you are probably going to be disappointed.

But this post is not about sunscreen and preventing sunburns. (Well not in the traditional sense, at least.)

The sun is out today in our wonderful city and I can’t wait to get out and enjoy it!


But first, speaking of sunshine and happy weather, here are three fantastic tip on how you can encourage your health this summer:

1. Vitamin D

I’m in the process of writing a longer thing about this incredibly important vitamin. But for now, here’s the short version:

Vitamin D is built in your skin when it’s hit by the UVB rays in the sun. Fact. Using a higher SPF than 8 blocks the UVB rays, and therefore no vitamin D can be made. VitD is made out of cholesterol, which is why it’s important that you have enough left of it and not trying to kill it with statins.(!). Make sure you get some sun exposure today, at least 20 minutes. Did I hear lunch in the sun?!

Of course you should make sure not to get sunburned – that is actually not good for you. But a little sun on your skin definitely carries a lot more with it than just a healthy glow.

So, what is vitamin D good for anyway? A myriad of things. Everything from calcium absorption, lower your blood pressure, lowering the risk of MS, diabetes (yes, even Type 1!), certain cancers, to being a natural mood lifter, giving you tons of awesome energy you didn’t know you had in you.

Why can’t you just get it through your food, then? Because there are very few sources of it, which can’t give you enough to be healthy. During the winter months I take drops of vitamin D to make sure I have enough.

2. Omega 3

Supplementing fish oil, omega 3 fatty acids, is generally not a bad idea at all. (I do this too. The two supplements I do take are vitD and O3.) You’ve surely  heard all the amazing things omega 3 does for you, including cardiovascular and brain maintenance, as well as keeping the levels of inflammation in your body at bay.

But did you know that it can also help you  prevent sunburn? Research has shown that if you take omega 3, you are less likely to get sunburned than if you didn’t take it. This also means that you are less likely to get skin cancer. Pretty spectacular, right?!

3. Coconut Oil

When you get past your time limit of VitD absorption and want to spend more time in the sun, you’ll be needing sun protection of some sort. If you are a bit like me, and don’t like putting things on you or in you that you don’t really know what they are made of (here, I’m talking about regular sun screen, filled with god-knows-what-chemicals-and-possible-toxins), why not use coconut oil?

I know, I know. Again?! Come on!  But it’s true, it’s the base of many homemade sun screens, starting with the tropics. It doesn’t rely on blocking the sun rays, but instead it prevents the free radical action that is normally caused by too much time in the sun. And it also moisturises your skin so beautifully for that after beach party.

I hope I’ve given you something to think about today. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter, the first issue is out very soon – you should make sure you get your copy!

Wishing you a funfilled weekend! Thank you so much for reading.


(Idea: naturalnews.com)

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