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When the weather is what it is right now (here you can see a picture I put on Instagram earlier this morning), it’s difficult to keep positive and in a good mood. By this point I know I crave myself some sunshine, and I think you do too!

The only thing you can do in this case is 1. keep hoping that the sun will peek out again and 2. enjoy the small things that make your every day a little brighter.

For you, this might mean that afternoon cup of coffee, a lunchdate with a friend or your plans for this weekend. For me, today’s biggest ray of sunshine is brought to me, and powered, by Google.

Yes. You read that right. Google. They are launching a new service that provides the nutritional information of 1000 foods (“fruits, vegetables, meats and meals”). Ask all your nutritional questions you may have, like “How many cabs does a banana have”, or “how much protein is there in broccoli” and get your answer right away. This is glorious, and so much better than searching around for great apps or webpages that can only give you half the information you need.

I borrowed the picture from

I borrowed the picture from

If you are serious about getting healthier and even losing some weight, information is truly the key. How can you know what to eat (and how much) if you have no idea what is in it? As this information is incorporated into the search function, you technically just have to type the food you want to know about into Google and they’l tell you everything you need to know (and more!)

This service was launched today and will, within the next 10 days, be fully available in USA. How long do we have to wait still remains uncertain.

What are your rays of sunshine for today and this weekend? Please comment below and let me and us know, your sunlight might just cheer someone else up too!

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Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you so much for reading. Love, Hanna


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