Not on a diet!

In terms of “diets”, it is commonly thought of as a very restrictive (calories or certain food groups) way of eating that is usually limited to a certain time period.

There are countless amounts of diets out there, some less successful, others even more so. What is it that doesn’t work? Why is it near to impossible to reach one’s weight loss goal with the “help” of a diet?

The Number One Reason is the time factor. It is thought of as “ok, I’ll do this for X days/weeks/months, and I’ll lose X kg/lbs/stone”. Fine and dandy, some even manage to reach that goal! But. It’s keeping the weight off once the diet ends that becomes difficult, as one can’t live off of only celery/artificial milkshakes/only meat/alcohol/baked potatoes etc. all their lives. When you look into especially losing weight, but also improving your health in terms of what you eat, YOU NEED TO BE WILLING TO MAKE A CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE CHANGE!



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  1. Cecilia
    Cecilia says:

    Gгeetingѕ! Veгy useful аdvice in this paгticular poѕt!
    It iѕ the lіttlе chаnges thаt produce the
    most ѕignificant сhаnges.
    Many thanks for sharing!


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