A few favorite spices…

Spices are wildly known to aid the body in many of it’s processes. Within Ayurvedic medicine, mainly used in Asia, this is of course no news.  Read more

I go nuts for coconuts!

Perhaps you have heard that the coconut has made the big transition from banned to fully allowed, in terms of eating healthy.

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The Worst Crisis of 2013

According to the annual report of the WEF (World Economic Forum) that took place in Davos at the end of January, there is one main crisis that needs to be paid attention to in 2013:  Read more

So fresh and so clean

When choosing the food we eat (most of us reading this do have that luxury), we technically have totally free hands to choose what we want to eat.

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New at Coop!

For those of you who have the pleasure of doing your grocery shopping in Switzerland, Coop has a new amazing product! Read more

Food Matters

When it all comes down to it, with all of the health advice out there, a lot of the roots of the problems we have today can be found in one source….

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