The Worst Crisis of 2013

According to the annual report of the WEF (World Economic Forum) that took place in Davos at the end of January, there is one main crisis that needs to be paid attention to in 2013: 


Many of the medications available to us today, will no longer work in only a few years. This is due to an increased resistance against antibiotics.

“Many people take for granted that antibiotics will always be available when we need them, but soon this may no longer be the case. Every dose of antibiotics gives an advantage for those small numbers in a bacterial population that are resistant to the drug. The more a particular antibiotic is used, the more quickly bacteria resistant to that antibiotic will be selected and increase in numbers. Until now, leaders have been able to turn a blind eye to this problem, as new antibiotics have always emerged to replace older, increasingly ineffective ones. This is changing.”

This, in combination with diseases spreading like wildfire within our globalised society, increases the risk of that today’s commonly treated diseases can no longer be treated.

“Challenges to human health never cease to evolve. Vaccines and antibiotics have helped us to survive leading causes of death from bygone eras, but we face rising rates of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancers and diabetes.”

(The whole report can be read here!)

What can one do in order to improve ones immune system and therefore improve ones health?

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