Diabetes and the Universe (or, Why me?!)

Be kind!

I have something to confess to you.

I used to think in a way that was pretty destructive, both for myself and those around me. And I still can’t help but to fall back in every once in a while.

And I’m going to bet that you’ve thought this precise thought many of times.

When something has happened to you; your wallet got stolen or you get a really bad cold.

When you get food poisoning twice in one week whilst visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome. (True story, that was me last week.)

When you spill that glass of red wine on your white pants.

Or when diabetes shows itself from its very brightest (and most butt kicking) side.

In these situations it’s so incredibly easy to tilt your head backwards and shout out loud: “WHY ME?!“

You feel very excluded from the masses, almost chosen by some higher power to be suffering. It’s almost like Karma came up to you, tapped your shoulder and said “you’re it” and ran away, like any mature 5 year old would.

Ok, maybe I’m being a tad melodramatic.

But it feels really crappy when you’re sitting there, with a possible sh*t storm brewing right next to you/on top of you/in your hands (ew).

The biggest problem with this is that you’re making yourself a victim. This is victim thinking at its highest degree.

And what’s wrong with that, you may ask?

It’s whiny, it’s the easy way out. And frankly it’s being a coward.

It’s blaming something/one else for your own fate, when all you can do is to put on your big girl panties and knock it right on the nose.

It takes a huge shift in mentality to see this, as well as to see the other side of it. Believe me, I’ve been there myself.

I used to be the biggest “why me”:er the universe has ever met. I threw it out for anything and nothing that didn’t go My. Exact. Way.

Whether it was a failed relationship or disgusting lunch options. Being teased for something or an “unfair” grade. Or a period of shaky blood sugars. The answer was always “why me”.

It’s crucial to gain the insight that it might not always be about or because of YOU.

If it’s illness you’re “why me”:ing about, maybe your body is trying to tell you to slow down? If your wallet got stolen, stop spending as much money as you are? And what about that red wine stain on your white pants? Maybe it’s keeping you from some other, bigger disaster, or, you’ve simply drunk enough?

This is where faith comes in. And no, I’m definitely no biblethumper. But you need faith in knowing that you won’t be handed what you can’t handle. Sure, it might stretch your definition of what you can or can’t handle. But guess what? That’s how we grow as humans! Getting out of your comfort zone is what life is about.

comfort zone magic

Of course this takes a little longer if it’s a more serious issue, like, say, a chronic disease you will have for the rest of your life (read: diabetes). But it is doable.

And it is definitely worth getting past “why me”:ing.

Because what awaits you on the other side is a happier life. A life that is more worth living, when you don’t focus on your own “misfortune” every time something goes a little sidetracked.

You have the means and tools to work with, combat or embrace whatever falls in your lap. Go use them.

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