Great Food Documentaries

So, today I wanted to tell you some of my favorite food documentaries that are definitely worth a watch.

These aren’t just good movies, to a certain extent they’re also provoking, sad and full of success stories, too.


Food, Inc. 

Jiro Dreams of Sushi 

Super Size Me: an oldie but goldie:

Hungry for Change 

Food Matters 

Fat. Sick and Nearly Dead 

Cereal Killers 

The Gerson Miracle 


And here are some I haven’t watched yet, but they seem super interesting!




Forks Over Knives 

And the newest one out there, called FED UP, that I can’t WAIT to get my hands on!


Some of these can be watched straight on YouTube, others you might need to pay a little for. They’re all about the relationship between what we eat and diseases, something that I might be a little interested in… 😉

(A small piece of advice though, don’t watch them after each other, you’ll lose all respect you’ve ever had in humanity. One by one they are brilliant though!)


Did I miss any documentaries on my list? Please let me know!


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  1. Max Emanuel
    Max Emanuel says:

    Good Morning everyone or -two,

    the forks over knives movie is well made, worth watching, if you want to know more on vegetarian nutrition habits. A little bit evangelical in tone, but a good movie if you’d like to start questioning what you eat.

    En guete.


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