Eating healthy without a kitchen: 12 ideas

I promise. It will be a short post today. Short, but valuable.

Whatever the reason is that you currently don’t have a kitchen to make your usual, incredibly healthy and nutritious home cooked meals in; you’ll still need to eat. And preferably keep up the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

So whether you’re moving houses, on the road, renovating, air travel  – what food choices can you make that still allow you to keep healthy and giving your body what it needs to heal, be healthy, happy and love?

While take away food and restaurants are as lovely and convenient as they are (and you can find my guide on how to navigate a restaurant menu here), it comes to a point where enough is enough. Here are my 12 safe bets, wherever I am:

  • Save the cutlery from the take away meal until you find yourself in a kitchen again. It comes in very handy.
  • Ready boiled eggs (Found in most stores, giving you lots of good nutrition in a super convenient, non-messy package)
  • Tuna or Salmon (Canned can be tricky if you don’t have an opener, but glass jars and bagged versions are very accessible)
  • Pimped grocery store salad (Every grocery store has these, the pre-packaged, basic salads. Add any of the ingredients on this list to make it amazingly nutritious and yummy!)
  • Cherry tomatoes (There are many nifty on-the-go vegetable servings now, but there I’d seriously skip the dipping sauce they usually come with)
  • Avocado (If you have a knife. This can be organised at most hotels. Or if you’re bringing it along for a trip, half it in advance and wrap it in cling film. It won’t get stopped at airport security, it’s not liquid)
  • Apples (if you can handle more sugary fruits, eat whichever ones you want!)
  • Berries (Small boxes of blueberries or strawberries are easily eaten without a kitchen. It’s just like candy. Just with masses of healthy stuff.)
  • Nuts & Seeds (preferably raw and not the salted snack version)
  • Dark chocolate (minimum 70%, but preferably 85%)
  • Nakd bars (Natural ingredients in a bar packed full of health. Read more here.) (Nope, not sponsoring/being sponsored. Just love them!)
  • Water, tons of water (although I don’t like buying bottled water, in some countries you have no choice)

You can see examples of many of these on my Instagram feed lately, as I’ve been both travelling and moving houses (aka the Never ending story), leaving me without a kitchen.

And if you now think I’m a wasteful human being that doesn’t care about the environment with all this waste these foods undoubtably bring with them: I really do my part in helping the environment, but from time to time it’s necessary to eat like this. And until new packaging is invented, what choice is there?

Now it’s your turn: what do you eat when you’re out and about? I want to keep this list going! Let me know in the comments below.

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