QA – Exercise?!

It’s time for another Q which I’ll try to A.

This weeks question comes from Helen in Zürich, who is asking the following:

“Hey Hanna!

I have to admit that you have really awakened my curiosity about food with your posts. Thank you for that!

I’m an avid exerciser, I go to the gym, I run and swim. My question for you is: what about exercise? You write so much about food and health, but never about exercise. Is that not important to you too?”

First of all, thank you so much for your question, Helen!

As a short answer: OF COURSE exercise is important to me. Without a doubt, next to food it is one of those immediate mood lifters in life.

I exercise myself every day, or at least I try to. Mainly lower level stuff like long walks and mild weight training, using only my own weight. This is what feels best for me and my body. I have been a runner and for a period of time in my life, I frequented gyms like they were going out of fashion. But after a while it didn’t give me anything anymore. It became boring, predictable and instead of building my body up, I was breaking it down. So I stopped. Today, I’m much happier in my exercise routine. I love my walks, and frequently get lost in a new part of town or lose myself in a really great audiobook.

I am however no expert in the field. I know the basics, the heart rates and the impacts, but I can’t say I know everything exercise and working out. That’s why I don’t want to write and share too much about it – I simply know too little about it to do so.

What I can say is this; daily exercise is important. Very important. For our sedentary lifestyle, we need to move a lot more than we do. There is scientific proof that almost any (chronic) disease can be helped by the right amount and type of exercise. The body regenerates better, you sleep better, you get more energy.

What, of course, is even more important is the combination of the food you eat and your exercise. Remember that the body rebuilds its muscles with the help of the amino acids found in your protein, and that carbs only give you a momentary boost of energy. 🙂

I hope this answers your question, Helen. Do you have a question you’d like me to answer? Email me, or send it to me on Facebook.

Now I want to hear about your exercise routine. What do you do to get that heart rate up? What gives you the most joy? Have you changed exercise habits to make it fit your lifestyle better? Let us know in the comments below!

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