How to get a workout in without even trying!

Sometimes it is just so goddang BORING to work out. 

On those days, there are about 1000 other things you would rather do, and nothing in the world can get you to the gym. Believe me, I know, I have those days more often than I care to admit.


What if I told you that with a little bit of imagination you can get your workout done without it  feeling like the Worlds Biggest Drag? Here are 10 ideas of what you could do when you “just can’t be bothered”:

10. Check out your neighborhood.

Take a nice walk around your neighborhood, and I guarantee you that you will notice something new about it. Be it a newly opened shop, a special price at the grocery store,  there’s a flat for sale, or that woman with the amazing garden just planted a beautiful new rosebush?

45 – 60 minutes will disappear quickly, and hey, if you’re bored of your neghborhood, borrow someone else’s!

9. Run your errands by bike!

You know exactly how it goes: “oh pooper, I have to go to the bank/post/grocery store/dry cleaners/pick this up/drop that off/library…” And you jump into the car (or the bus/train/tram) to have it done as soon as humanly possible.

But, why not get your bike out and feel double-good about yourself: you get your errands done AND get some exercise while you’re at it!

8. “Discover a forest” walk

If you have the chance to get to a gorgeous forest, and let me tell you, there are many of those around, especially in Switzerland, DO IT! It’s easy to let the mind flow and before you know it, you’ve walked further and for longer than you planned to at first.

Trust me, I did this the other day.

7. Spring cleaning

Whether the windows seem to suddenly have an extra curtain of dirt, or the rays of sun illuminates all kinds of things that were hidden away by the dark and cold winter – this is your workout chance!

Washing windows, clearing out your closet, stepping up and down on chairs for reach, sweeping, scrubbing, washing, swapping, switching… It’s a whole aerobics class! But the huge added bonus here is, of course, that your home will sparkle at the end of it.

Just don’t forget what to clean with

6. Take the dog out (or borrow one)

Treat your dog (or someone else’s) to a really long walk.

When you are (seemingly) taking a walk for someone else’s benefit (aka the dog), it doesn’t feel half as pointless and out-of-question as if you’re “just” doing it for yourself.

Try and you will see it works a lot better!


5. Re-arrange the living room

Wouldn’t the whole room brighten up if only the sofa and the shelf would swap places? Not to mention if the TV was where that chair is now?

This is really strength exercise at it’s very best. Make it happen!

4. Wash your car – by hand

It’s not only your home that needs a good spring cleaning though, your car does too. Give it some good ol’ TLC and wash it, wax it and polish it, by hand of course. Don’t forget to vacuum the inside of it, too!

3. Do the washing without the elevator

No matter if you live in an apartment or a castle, chances are that you, much like myself, have the washing facilities in the basement of the house.

Make it a point to carry the washing down and up again (wet washing can be h-eavy) only using the stairs. Of course, if your house doesn’t have an elevator – disregard this point.

2. Throw out old crap

The freeing feeling of getting rid of that old beyond-saving sweater, those kitchen utensils you never use, or the moving boxes you still have since your last move (no need to discuss how long ago that was…), do yourself a favor and just do it. Get rid of it.

This will exercise both your muscles with lifting heavy boxes etc, as well as de-cluttering your mind.

1. What’s your favorite non-workout workout?

Now I want to hear from you: what do you do to get some exercise into your day? Do you have a suggestion that absolutely rocks and needs to be shared? Leave your comment below!

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