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A Cure?


If I (& my parents) had a penny for every time we’ve heard that “promise” during the past 34 years, we’d be laughing all the way to the bank.

Let’s talk about the prospect of curing T1D. Do you think we’re getting close to one? 🤔

After a weekend of particularly shitty blood sugars, this is more relevant than usual. A weekend where I had to, yet again, come to terms with my own mortality. And insulin acting like saline.

With diabetes awareness month coming up in November, there is somehow a communal hope brewing. A hope of more awareness, because awareness should lead research teams everywhere to be motivated to finally find a cure. Right?! Don’t get me wrong, awareness is GREAT! It’s necessary, it’s inspiring and needed in the world. All T1Ds should speak up, and not only during the month of November. But – diabetes awareness alone won’t cure us.

And frankly, not to be too pessimistic, but rather I choose to see it as a realistic mindset, I’m not sure there will be a cure in my lifetime. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Have we gotten any closer on this in the past 34 years since my diagnosis? Since the diagnosis of those who have lived with this a lot longer than I have? I don’t know.

Just because ones diabetes is (mostly) “well controlled” doesn’t mean the fears aren’t there. The fears about the future. What the future may, or may not, bring. Will diabetes cause any limitations to my life? And it certainly doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be first in line when they start curing it. Even though diabetes tools and tech has evolved at an astonishing speed in recent years – we still need a cure. Even if it is very possible to have happy, healthy blood sugars with T1D – we need a cure. And we would have needed that cure yesterday.

Until then, we’re not waiting. Do whatever it takes for you to be healthier, to live your best life and thrive with T1D. ✨

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70 Things Only Diabetics Recognize

Happy Diabetes Awareness Month!

November is here and with that comes Diabetes Awareness Month mentioned above, as well as World Diabetes Day on the 14th. Don’t forget to put it in your calendar, and let’s raise money for research, party like it’s 1999 and, first and foremost, spread knowledge about diabetes!

To kick this month off, I made a list.

A list of 70 instances or thoughts that any diabetic can easily recognize. This list is by no means exhaustive, nor complete. But it might be a little funny at times.

Let’s go:

  • GOOD NEWS at the doctors office
  • Having a low blood sugar in public
  • The fear of passing out
  • Forgetting supplies
  • The feeling of a sinking blood sugar
  • The feeling of an unexpected blood sugar
  • New diabetes related gadgets (it can’t be just me?)
  • The feeling of an unexpected A1c level
  • The taste of gross glucose tablets
  • Over eating for a low blood sugar
  • Being a math genius – every day!
  • The smell of insulin
  • Realizing that your life depends on said supplies
  • “Did I bolus for that?”
  • Redefining the meaning of a roller coaster
  • A needle hitting a nerve
  • Being able to finally itch under an itchy site!
  • The fountain of blood that can appear after an injection
  • Insulin induced weight gain…
  • Carrying an arsenal of medical supplies
  • The soreness after sleeping on a medical device
  • Tasting food or drink and feeling just how loaded it is with sugar!
  • The feeling of having bolused EXACTLY the correct amount
  • How you feel after a night of wrestling with your diabetes
  • The feeling of a high blood sugar
  • Saying: “I’m high, I need to shoot up!”
  • Not being understood
  • 5.0 mmol/l / 100 mg/dl
  • Meeting a new doctor, trying to throw out a joke and get crickets back
  • The Numbers Game
  • Carbohydrate counting like a boss – instantly knowing how many that pumpkin has
  • The desert mouth you get from a high blood sugar
  • Dropping your test strip on the floor. Outside. In the rain.
  • Being proud of yourself
  • Balancing an umbrella while checking your blood sugar
  • “I’ll just finish this and THEN I’ll check my bg” “LOW”
  • Paying for medical supplies
  • Painful injections/pump site insertion/finger prick
  • “Does this dress hide my pump AND cgm?!”
  • Seeing another diabetic when you’re out and assuming you’re friends
  • Fear of judgment
  • Social stigma
  • Getting stupid comments and remarks
  • Seeing a diabetes meme and totally being able to relate
  • A smooth CGM curve
  • Going low during exercise
  • Diabetic Jetlag (travelling across multiple time zones with basal changes)
  • “Did I have too much wine for dinner or am I low?”
  • The Sweaty Shakes
  • Feeling strong
  • “Am I high or just thirsty?”
  • Not giving up, even when it would be darn nice to
  • Feeling like a Negative Nancy, although you really don’t mean to
  • Ugly meter cases
  • Treating a hypo just right
  • The Disappointment when you’ve done everything according to the “books” and nothing is like it should be
  • Feeling insufficient
  • Getting advice that would help, but you’re just not ready to hear them yet
  • Having to be a constant worry for the ones closest to you
  • “Is it hot in here or am I low?”
  • Assembling your care team
  • Developing a fighter mentality
  • The Diabetic Online Community
  • Keeping blood sugar logs
  • Not being like everybody else
  • Constantly making changes
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep
  • Theory vs Practice
  • Letting go of expectations
  • (+1) The hope of a cure, even if it is distant in the future



What did I miss? Is there anything you think should be added to my list? Please let me know in the comments below!