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Healthy Holidays in One Step

It’s that time of the year again!

Stores are filled with holiday cheers and people seem to start getting a little lighter mooded, most of them looking forward to the holidays.

And I heard this year’s first Christmas song yesterday!

As you may know, I’m not exactly a fan of how sugar coated the holidays are. Every year, your sugar consumption explodes toward the end of the year. Sugar destroys so much more than it gives, and this constant overload just isn’t worth it, in my opinion.

And the sugar you eat now, still has an impact weeks and even months from now (A1c tests, anyone?)

So, in the middle of this Sugar Avalanche, made out of chocolate, candy canes, Rudolph cookies and mince pies (and the sugar bomb that is mulled wine), what are your options? What is an easy step to take if you just wantto make your life a little healthier during the holidays?

If there’s ONE STEP you can take to make your December just one (or 24) bits healthier, it’s to swap out the usual chocolate advent calendar.

Packed with sugar and chemical stuff beyond belief, most advent calendar are a health hazard.

“But what’s wrong with just ONE piece of chocolate a day in December?” you’re asking?

Essentially, not much. But for me it’s about the inherent need for sweets this time of year, and not the fact that you actually want them.

As a few alternatives, I’ve compiled a list of healthier advent calendar ideas for you.

If you (or the one you want to surprise) are into taking care of your body and beauty, I have some great tips for you right here:

The Body Shop’s nearly iconic advent calendar seems to still be in stock (it usually sells out in no time): 

Or, I’d happily take ANY of these advent calendars on this wonderful list (hint, hint), from clothesandcamera.com:

Or why not try a tea one this year, where you get a different flavor every day? (An example right here)

While we’re on beverages, for your whiskey.loving partner, why not get a whisky calendar, where one kind is hiding behind each door?

Do you have a brainiac on your hands? A daily puzzle or Sudoku of some kind would keep them busy until Christmas.


For the kids, why not try one of the Lego or Playmobil calendars (available anywhere)?

Or, alternatively, why not make a Random Act of Kindness calendar for your kids? Get ideas on how: http://www.everydayroadtohealthy.com

For the classic holiday celebrator, try a “normal”, paper calendar. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has gorgeous ones: http://store.metmuseum.org/holiday/advent-calendars/icat/adventcalendars

There’s also the alternative of an advent candle, counting down the days while spreading blissful peace. (Why don’t you meditate while you’re watching the candle burn?)


Or make your own!

It can be filled with loving messages, vouchers, cinema tickets, experiences, happy thoughts, affirmations, home made healthy snacks, supplements, spices, magazine… suited to the receivers tastes and preferences, of course! For kids, this could include stickers, colouring pencils, small toys, or, like I mentioned above, Random Acts of Kindness!

For the framework, you can just use envelopes, small paper bags, matchboxes or individually wrap them. Be sure to have a look at Etsy to find quirky alternatives as well, here is a link: https://www.etsy.com/ch-en/search?q=advent%20calendar


There are also countless digital advent calendars around, just Google it and find your favorites. That way you can have (way) more than one! 😀


What is your favorite type of advent calendar? Let me know in the comments!