10 Last Minute Holiday Health Tips

The following blog post I’ve sneakingly stolen form one of my favorite blogs, Mark’s Daily Apple. Nonetheless, the tips are still very much worth taking into consideration!

If you’re feeling a bit fatigued, bloated, or otherwise run down, here are some simple holiday health tips to feel better this week:

10. Veggie Cleanse

Do a one-day vegetable cleanse at some point this week. Load up with delicious salad chock full of veggies. Eat steamed veggies with olive oil for dinner. Enjoy sliced tomatoes and avocado for breakfast. Make sure your cleansing day contains a generous selection of greens. Spinach, in particular, is good for clearing your body. And its high B-vitamin load will help reduce stress.

9. Long Showers

It’s not very eco-friendly, so don’t make this a regular habit (but hey, you’re not watering the lawn this time of year). You might not have time for a day at the spa or a massage. But a simple, soothing long shower can feel like a treat if you’re tired and stressed.

8. Buddy Neck Rubs

Enlist your spouse or the kids to give you an invigorating neck rub. Then trade.

7. Buddy Scalp Rubs

This is even more energizing! It’s best when done briskly with the knuckles.

6. Dark Chocolate

Instead of all the carbs and starches and refined desserts, make dark chocolate your indulgence. Normally, you only should have a few ounces a week, but feel free to indulge a bit more during this stressful time of year.

5. Don’t overdo New Year’s Resolutions

Most of us cram ten years’ worth of goals into a single annual list, then fail to accomplish anything. Write out your specific goals, then ruthlessly edit them down to three or four things so you feel manageably challenged.

4. Avoid Shopping.

You’ve already spent quite a bit on Christmas gifts; now sales tempt us all. Avoid the guilt of huge credit card bills come January by forgoing shopping this year. Allow yourself and each family member one small splurge, but cap it after that.

3. Make a Reminder List of the Positives.

Rather than assess all your flaws and determine to fix yourself into perfection in the coming year, celebrate all your positive traits. Make a New Year’s Acceptance list.

2. Remember water!

This is essential for good health, but particularly so during the holidays, when we’re eating more salty, sugary foods and the air is often dry. Stay comfortable by staying hydrated.

1. What’s YOUR best holiday health tip?

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