The “Call the Shots on Diabetes” Discovery Session

This is your chance to discuss your Number One Diabetes issue or question you have. It’s all about you, your health and how you can make it all smoother.

You’ll have my undivided attention and all my knowledge available to you. The investment in yourself and in this unique session is USD 177, and you can book yours by clicking HERE.

You’ll get tailor made solutions to your specific issues, and together we’ll come up with an action plan for you on how to improve your A1c, get off of the blood sugar roller coaster and get a better, brighter outlook on life.

It can also be about seeing exactly what you would experience when choosing to do a few more sessions with me.

Click here to book your session now.


The “Call the Shots on Diabetes” 90 Day Program

This is where I can fully support your work towards a healthier, more blood sugar stable, happier you from A to Z.

You will be able to ditch the frustration, worrying and hopelessness and start improving your A1c, lessen the blood sugar roller coaster and get a completely new outlook on yourself and your life with Diabetes. Together we’ll take the steps necessary for you to get there, and I’ll guide you through them.

It is an investment in yourself to work with me. In monetary terms it’s USD 3,497. I want to give you as much knowledge, tricks and diabetic life hacks as I possibly can, so if you’re ready to learn everything that I’ve learnt working with numerous people with Diabetes and throughout 30 years living with Diabetes myself, book a Discovery Session below.

To experience life on the brighter side, click to book here:

Discovery Session

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