Control Your Diabetes with Food and Yoga

Would you like better blood sugar control?

Learn effective simple stress management techniques through the beauty of Yoga?

Get motivated to eat whole and healthy food?

Join International yoga teacher Rachel Zinman and Diabetes Coach Hanna Boëthius in this special webinar combining yoga, food and lifestyle approaches to inspire you to feel confident in managing your diabetes every single day.

Control Your Diabetes with Food and Yoga

This once-in-a-lifetime webinar includes:

  • Rachel talks about yoga and its impact on diabetes
  • Hanna talks about the role of food and diabetes
  • Invigorating relaxation session by Rachel
  • Questions and Answers in regards to food and yoga for diabetes

Don’t miss out on this!

When: Sunday June 5th, 2016 at 8:00PM CET

Where: The comfort of your own home

Cost: Free!

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Hanna is a coach, writer and speaker who has lived with type 1 Diabetes for over 30 years. She offers motivational and inspiring ways to bring about change in diabetes management and has a profound understanding of how nutrition and lifestyle choices can balance diabetes. You can find Hanna at

Rachel Zinman is a senior yoga teacher and teacher trainer and type 1 Diabetic with over 30 years experience teaching nationally and internationally. She is currently completing a book on Yoga for Diabetes. You can find Rachel at