Lazy breakfast…

This is my favorite breakfast of all times. It is definitely worth a try!

The Power of Words

Just remember, if you still have some shopping to do before Christmas and need to stress around with all the other people…


10 Last Minute Holiday Health Tips

The following blog post I’ve sneakingly stolen form one of my favorite blogs, Mark’s Daily Apple. Nonetheless, the tips are still very much worth taking into consideration!

If you’re feeling a bit fatigued, bloated, or otherwise run down, here are some simple holiday health tips to feel better this week:

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Holiday Recipe #2

I thought I would give you another delightful holiday recipe today, it being so close to Christmas and all!

These are so yummy, they are difficult to stop eating. But there is not a single bad ingredient in there, just healthy, happy stuff!

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Holiday Recipe

In times like these, it is almost obligatory to snack on something sweet. For me, however, it is much more fun if you can enjoy what you make without feeling guilty for eating it.

This is a favorite recipe of mine – Saffron Bounty! Enjoy! Read more